Arvid Tomayko & H. Gene Thompson

Collaborations between H. Gene Thompson and Arvid Tomayko


We've been selected as Tough Art Resident Artists at the Pittsburgh Children's Museum for summer 2017, and as New Hazlett Theater CSA Artists for Feb 2018!

Connect///Disconnect :|: Performed @ Wood Street Galleries, Pittsburgh - Nov 11, 2016

Arvid Tomayko and Hannah G. Thompson

Patterns to Hide (with Hannah G. Thompson) :|: Lubbock, TX :|: Mar 4, 2016

Hannah G. Thompson - Fabric Sculpture/Performance
Arvid Tomayko - Unique Max patches, Apple Mainstage, Controllers, Trumpet, Spring Reverb.

Videographer: Josh Taylor
Post Production: Arvid Tomayko

Tent Worm :|: Live @ Art Market Provicentown - July 18, 2015

Live performance by Hannah G. Thompson and Arvid Tomayko

Performers transform wearable fabric sculptures that control electronic music soundscapes.

Arvid Tomayko - sound and interaction
Hannah G. Thompson - fabric sculpture and movement direction

Special thanks to Debbie Nadolney at AMP

Watch a two minute excerpt of the performance: (full performance below)

Full Performance:

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Two Mako Sharks :|: at The Silent Barn - Brooklyn, NY

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Two Mako Sharks :|: at ArtSTRAND - Provincetown, MA

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Two Makos Sharks :|: The Grease Diner - 2014

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Arvid Tomayko and Hannah G. Thompson